G3 2013 – Penal Substitution – The Core of God’s Saving Plan – Paul Washer


PaulWasherSo you’re looking for a description/overview of this sermon? Well, I can tell you it’s Paul Washer, and it’s Paul Washer in all his Paul Washery (just made that up – feel free to use it) preaching style. I can also tell you that you should listen to this sermon, and after you finish listening to it, head to our Sermonize Us facebook page and leave YOUR overview and thoughts on the sermon.

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Knowing God – Part 1 – Eldon Busenitz


This sermon suggestion comes from Curt, who thinks this series should be turned into a book and published! He’s sent over a great outline and some excerpts for this series, such as –

“Combine Omniscience with Immutability – You have an all-wise God whose plan is to make you like his Son. That plan does not change even though circumstances in your life do change. In his perfect wisdom, He knows exactly what is best for you to bring that plan to completion. His message is “TRUST ME”!


“All fulfilled prophecy is a testimony to God’s omniscience combined with His sovereignty and power”.


Don’t Sin! But if You Do, Don’t Despair – Hywel Jones


This sermon suggestion comes from Nathan, who says; “Hywel Jones gives a clear message from 1 John that for the Christian sin should be abhorred and fought against, and while sinlessness is not attainable in this life, sinning is not inevitable. Don’t sin! But if you do, don’t despair because we have a sacrifice and an advocate in Jesus Christ. Very Encouraging!”

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G3 2013 – Why Preach the Intolerant Message of the Exclusive Gospel? – Steve Lawson


In what may be the longest titled sermon ever, Steve Lawson brings an amazing message of the wonderful Gospel.

Matt B says this “Dr Lawson’a reasoning is excellent! We preach the gospel because in it’s exclusivity is the eternal mercies of God, and outside of it’s exclusivity is the wrath of God.”

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G3 2013 – Getting The Gospel Right – Voddie Baucham


from hereiblog.com
“If you say there is no resurrection from the dead how can you say that Christ was resurrected from the dead? People want a resurrectionless Savior because it doesn’t fit into their personal philosophy.

People don’t like the idea of hell so they want a Christianity without a hell. We don’t like the idea of judgement so we have Christianity without sin…. And so on, and so on, and so on.

You think you’ve just removed a small problem by removing the resurrection.

Seven problems if the resurrection is taken away.

1. If no resurrection from the dead then even Christ has not been raised. But he just demonstrated that Christ has been raised.
2. Preaching is vain. If Christ has not been raised then our preaching is vain and our faith is vain. Some people pick the supernatural parts of the gospel out while trying say our Christian faith is good because of the good things we do. It is all useless if the resurrection is false.
3. Faith is vain. So much for those who say you can have a viable Christianity without the resurrection. However, there is no gospel without the resurrection so faith is meaningless.
4. I’m a liar. We are even found to be misrepresenting God because we testify that God raised Christ whom He did not raise. If there is no such thing as resurrection God was just called a liar. Not only a liar, but a blaspheming liar. If you believe there is no resurrection, I’m a liar for preaching the resurrection.
5. If Christ is not raised then your faith is futile and you are still in your sins. If Christ has not been raised there is no justification. There is no penal substitutionary atonement. If Christ has not been raised then He was a sinner and we are all still in our sins. There is no hope for sinners. God will crush you. Justice cries out for it. For God not to consume you would not be fair.
6. Those who have fallen asleep in Christ have perished.
7. We of all people are most to be pitied because we have hoped in the greatest lie ever perpetrated.”

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The Implications Of Complementarianism – Don Carson


Don Carson shows what it should mean for the church if it truly believes that men and women are equally important to God, equally made in his image, but there are distinctions beyond one can have babies.

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Studying the Scriptures and Finding Jesus – Albert Mohler


In this Sermon, Dr Albert Mohler shows how one can be both committed to preaching Christ from all of scripture and yet deeply exegetical and faithful to the text of Scripture.

“Mohler began by describing the current landscape of the American church—we need a recovery of understanding the Scriptures in their totality. He expounded Jesus’ dialogue with the Pharisees in John 5 with specific application for us. The Pharisees’ rejection of Jesus was a refusal to recognize God’s witness of him. The takeaway for us is important: one can study the Scriptures extensively and not get it.” ~ Description from SermonIndex

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