Knowing God – Part 1 – Eldon Busenitz


This sermon suggestion comes from Curt, who thinks this series should be turned into a book and published! He’s sent over a great outline and some excerpts for this series, such as –

“Combine Omniscience with Immutability – You have an all-wise God whose plan is to make you like his Son. That plan does not change even though circumstances in your life do change. In his perfect wisdom, He knows exactly what is best for you to bring that plan to completion. His message is “TRUST ME”!


“All fulfilled prophecy is a testimony to God’s omniscience combined with His sovereignty and power”.


Biblical Theology Session 1 – Mark Dever


Adam Powers says – “This sermon is so vital because in a brief 50 minute sermon Dever walks through the entire Bible in a powerful manner, showing how the whole thing fits together and points toward the same goal, Christ. I’ll never forget the first time I heard this sermon, it was a moment I’ll never forget.”

from Southeastern Seminary